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Smurfs Party Ideas

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Collect as many different small Smurf figurines as you can (images downloaded from the Internet would also work, but not nearly as fun.) Play a game of searching for the Smurfs. However, do not hide every Smurf with the same degree of difficulty. Keep track of which Smurf you are hiding easier than the others and taking special note of which ones are particularly difficult to find (this being easier to do since they each have their own name.) Award different point values for each Smurf, awarding more points for the Smurfs that are more difficult to find. The winner is NOT determined by who found the most, but rather who has the most points by the time all of the Smurfs has been found.

Create a game sheet with images of different Smurfs in one column and the names of the Smurfs in another column. The goal for each participant would be to match up the different Smurfs with their names. This is a good activity for all ages because even if you've never seen a Smurf in your life, you can at least attempt to make logical guesses based on the overall look of the Smurf (i.e. Brainy Smurf looks smart, etc.)

Provide images of different kinds of fun mushrooms for the kids to color and decorate as a pre-party activity (an activity for the children to do while they are waiting for all of the guests to arrive.) These are great to cut out and hang on the walls as decorations for your party as well! In this way, the activity will contribute to your list of decorations!

If you have several different activities planned, match up the type of activity with a different Smurf. Perhaps each Smurf has a test to put the party guests through to become an Honorary Smurf. Brainy Smurf can ask them trivia questions, etc.

In the cartoons, Gargamel, the villain to the Smurfs, war a long, thick coat. Ask around to any Star Wars fans to see who might have an adult sized Jedi robe. They are similar enough to work and could be used as a prop or costume piece for your party (or to have someone show up as Gargamel!)

Visit your local party supply store and see what they have in the way of polka dot wrapping paper. If you can pick up a few different rolls, that's ideal. From the paper, cut out very large mushroom shapes to use as decorations for your walls (keeping in mind that Smurfs lived in mushrooms.) These decorations don't get much easier and look great!

Using a scrap piece of wood, paint the words "Smurf Village" with an arrow pointing the way on it to create a sign for your party. This looks best when it can be seen on the way to the front door of your party, pointing the way to the entrance.

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