Snow White Party Ideas

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This is a great trick for decorating a hallway that might lead to a bathroom or another part of the party space. Create the Seven Dwarfs' mine! Take a large roll of brown packaging paper and crinkle it to look like rock. Use it to cover the walls of the hallway in a rock-like fashion. You can cut out gems of different colors and attach them to the wall OR you can cut HOLES into the rock wall and tape colored tissue paper from the back of the wall. Then, when you provide a light source from behind a wall, the tissue paper 'gems' will actually glow! If you have a dark light (the purple lights used at Halloween) or can borrow one from the family, you'll have the PERFECT setting for a mine scene to walk through!

Go through the entire story of Snow White IN your party as part of a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Experience. Consider the different major parts of the story and incorporate them into different activities and games for your party guests, keeping them in proper chronological order. For added fun, read a different portion of the story at each point so that by the time the party is over, you will have convered the entire story! (For some antiqued story pages of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, CLICK HERE! - They also make for great parting gifts for your party guests.)

This is a great idea because it will help out with your thank you cards! Create a small bed in the fashion of the kind that Snow White slept on in the story. Have plenty of flowers to place around it, maybe even a few gems from the Dwarfs mine (for some realistic gems without the annoying flat mirror back, CLICK HERE.) Take a photo of each party guest laying on the bed, pretending to be asleep. These make for GREAT gifts to give each child in their thank you cards...or to include as the image on the front of the cards themselves!

Create a Snow White obstacle course to complete. Take the different aspects of the Snow White story and think of a separate, quick activity that would represent that part of the story, keeping the events in proper chronological order. For example, the different stops of the obstacle might include (in this order), running to stop #1 to fill a bucket of water (Snow White began the story as a maiden with lot of chores), followed climbing a tree branch (when she ran through the woods from the Huntsman), to running to a sandbox to find a hidden gem (when we first meet the dwarfs),to running a plate with a small fruit pie for her to eat (when she sang/ate/danced with the dwarfs) to run to another plate with an apple slice (where she ate the poisoned apple) to finally running to a small bed to lay on as she waits for her prince to come and awaken her. The participant with the shortest time, wins.

Play a game of 'hot potato' - Snow White style! You'll need a small bag of apples for this game. Begin by playing a song from the movie Snow White (preferably a happier tune like "The Silly Song") while the party guests pass an apple in a circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the apple must take a bite out of the apple and then pretend to 'pass out' and lay on the floor. The music is then played again and a new apple is passed, passing over any players who have taken a bite. This is repeated until one person is left and declared the winner.


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