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Discovery of the XT-99 - Space Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of being a Jedi Knight? Or imagined yourself as a Betazed telepath? Maybe you have no idea what those are, but you’ve created your own alternate universe where you are the mysterious hero…

What if…

The Discovery of the XT-99 adventure represents the first of a new kind of entertainment for science fiction enthusiasts everywhere! Instead of reading a novel or watching a movie, the participant will live out his own personalized adventure in the universe of his choice - as a character of his choice (with some basic guidelines).

Discovery of the XT-99 was created by a professional designer with over 20 years experience in creating large-scale theatrical adventures. Joe Dean has combined an intriguing storyline with puzzles and light game mechanics and created a customizable adventure for your favorite science fiction fan!
Armed with his wits and a thirst for adventure, the player will be sent on a mysterious mission that could ultimately change the course of events in the ongoing war between…well, you will decide who is at war in your universe! The player will also be developing extra sensory powers that seem to guide him along his journey.

What is Discovery of the XT-99, exactly?

The adventure is a set of downloadable Microsoft Word documents (*.doc format) that you or a friend will customize to match your own universe requirements. Right now the adventure is only available in PC format. Also – due to the complexity of the adventure we do not recommend it for anyone under 13.

The adventure was written to facilitate the simple find and replace function in Microsoft Word - and the process is fully explained in the instructions. You can utilize a combination of characters and places – real or imagined – in your story. Perhaps your space knight will train under Uncle Joe as he fights the evil of the Poundcake Empire.

Whoever wants to be the PLAYER will need to find someone else to set up the adventure for him – called the FACILITATOR. That person can set up the adventure EVEN IF THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING about the world the player wants to experience.

So – if you are a Star Wars fan and you want to experience training at the Jedi temple, find a friend who will be your facilitator. You will give her all the information she needs to ensure your adventure is properly entrenched in the Star Wars universe – if she can’t tell the difference between Luke Skywalker and Luke Perry, it won’t matter. As long as your facilitator can follow basic instructions, you will have a great time in your own city – in a galaxy far, far away.

Living the adventure is fun enough…but we’ve ALSO provided an overall ranking system built INTO the adventure. So the goal is to complete the missions, but also gain the most points possible by the end of the adventure. Once the player completes his adventure he’ll be able to see how well he ranked! Will he emerge a cadet or a true hero?

What is included in the Discovery of the XT-99

  • Thorough, simple and step-by-step instructions for the facilitator, including additional ideas on how to enhance the player’s experience with props, music and other items.
  • A detailed Adventure Template Questionnaire to ensure the final adventure will include the necessary elements for your universe. We even provide sample fill-in answers for those unfamiliar with some common movie universes.
  • We also provide “practice” sentences to verify – as much as possible – that the final adventure will read properly.
  • A complete set of over 45 adventure story pages.
  • A complete set of accompanying story images – sensors, computer readouts, sonic charges

university scavenger hunts


What you must provide for the player

  • A pen or pencil
  • Four six-sided dice
  • A watch or timer
  • (optional) a calculator for basic math – addition and subtraction.

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: This adventure is only available in Microsoft WORD format (*.doc) for PC.

Finally there’s a way for diehard Star Wars/Star Trek/Science Fiction fans to discover what’s really inside them! Live it…think it…BE it!




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