Outer Space Party Ideas and Resources

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Outer Space Theme Party Ideas

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A FULLY designed outer space themed Party Adventure!!! A great space party game! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Space shuttle invitations. You can find a space shuttle picture online. Now trace the image to your paper - or even print many copies of the shuttle and use them as the "cover" of your invitation. For the inside, your presence is requested to launch (kid's name) OUT OF THIS WORLD birthday party!!! Launch Date: (date), Launching site: (address), Lift-off time (time) and return to Earth (ending time - if there is one). RSVP to mother ship (phone #). It'll be a BLAST!!"

Black light - glow in the dark items will show very well if you can light the room with a black light bulb. Use special glow in the dark paints - not "neon color" paint, it won't work in the black light. You can paint rocks, Styrofoam balls, or a poster. Flourescent colored poster board will show up well in the light as well. If you can only use one light, have it directed at your main decoration to get the most "bang." Home Depot, Wal Mart and other home stores have black light bulbs that you can replace in your standard lights for the event. Halloween is probably the easiest time to find standard-type black light bulbs.

DON'T THROW AWAY THE PARTY DECORATIONS! - Save money and do something your guests will LOVE! GIVE AWAY your party decorations! Use space posters (see below for inexpensive resources) to hang around your party area. Allow the winners of different games to choose which poster they'll get to walk away with at the conclusion to the party! Combine decorations with party prizes!

Orbiting planets - blow up round balloons and hang them with ribbon or thread from the ceiling. You can draw on the balloons to make them look more like planets. Or, you can cover styrofoam balls

Movie posters are easy decorations. They cover up lots of wall space, and they are good party favors after the party. Or, if your guest of honor REALLY likes the movies you have selected, give them to him or her after the event. Online stores have movie posters, there are poster stores in many shopping centers, you can check out their clearance section for the best deals. Again, check with your local video store and see if they have extra posters available. They often sell posters, too, but free is always better.

Movie soundtrack background. Gather soundtracks from different space themed movies and play them during your event. Even if the music isn't very loud, it will still influence the feel of the party. You can collect and burn your own CD to play, or check out various soundtracks at the library and just play them regularly. Consider setting up a stereo near the entry way for the first 15 minutes of the party to add a dynamic welcome to your event! Movies to consider: Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey… Also, check composers like John Williams (he wrote most of the Star Wars theme music) and even classical music - Holst's The Planets are pieces written specifically to represent the planets in our solar system.

Make Aliens. Provide toilet paper tubes, pipe cleaners, glue, tape, construction paper, beads or jewels…anything you have around the house that is safe. Let the kids' imagination go wild and put together anything they want. Then have everyone explain what their alien can do - maybe it has eight legs so it can swim fast.

Have your child make aliens on different colored paper, then cut and paste them to the front of a standard invitation.

First impressions mean a lot - and a great entryway to your party with lots of decorations, music, lights or whatever else you come up with, will set the mood for your entire event. You can even keep the decorations lighter around the party when you have a great, dynamic entryway.

Activate all five senses- sight, sound, touch, taste and smell - and you'll create the most "realistic" space party feeling for your guests. They may not realize why they are so impressed, but you'll know why!

Think of an overall theme for your event - perhaps you have to train astronauts, or search for a missing space shuttle, battle aliens, or have a countdown to a shuttle liftoff. Invite your guests to a "real" event and it will feel more exciting!

Costume contest! If your party has a specific theme, ask your guests to dress for the occasion - Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars, alien landing, astronaut launch. Some great ideas for astronaut costumes are at this website. http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/space-costumes.html.

Have contests for most creative, best overall, most colorful, whatever you prefer.

Get your hand on as many different TV sets that you can and place them around your party/facility/event. On each of the sets, play a different space genre movie (i.e. Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) For extra fun, you might even check your local video store for some old 'B' space movies. These can be a lot of fun for a 30+ aged crowd. It can be a lot of fun to see what producers thought the world might look like nowadays! To keep conversations flowing, you can even mute the televisions - the images may be enough as decorations for your event.

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Use stringed indoor Christmas lights to make a space ship or time machine dashboard. You'll need a pencil, a box, a utility knife and a string of lights. Get a moving box or even shipping box - whatever size dashboard you want to use. Cover the box with black wrapping paper, tinfoil, construction paper or even adhesive paper. Ensure the cover is glued or attached well, so when you cut the box, the paper won't tear as easily. Use the utility knife to cut a hole in the box - two slits in the form of an "X" should work well. Push one light bulb through the hole. Now hold the next bulb along the box, but don't pull the cord too tightly, and mark the cardboard with a pencil where the next bulb will go. Now cut another "X" and push that bulb through. If you have flashing bulbs, this can be an impressive addition to your decorations.. String lights in a similar manner through a piece of foam core or poster board. Hang them on the wall as power panels. Hang lights through a peg board (the kind you use in a workshop to hang tools).

Use white Christmas or decorator lights as stars. If you string them along the walls or ceiling they can represent stars. You could also hang a frame on the wall with the light bulbs hanging within the frame to look like a window into space.

Cover the ceiling with helium-filled black balloons…then hang stars and planets around the balloons or between the balloons and it will give the illusion of being in space.

Centerpiece - cover an oatmeal container (cylinder shape) with aluminum foil. Fill with black and/or blue tissue paper or streamer strips. Now you can set up an arrangement of stars - like a flower arrangement. Craft stores often have them premade. Or, you can attach star streamers or garland to pipe cleaners and make your own "spray" of stars.

Glow-in-the-dark jewelry. Small sticks, necklaces or bracelets can be placed directly in a vase or the centerpieces described above. Treat them like flowers and have them gently flowing out of the vase. You could also hang them from the ceiling, or hook a bunch of bracelets together and make a chain - now you have glow-in-the-dark garland. Definitely dollar stores would be the best bargain if you need a large amount of glow items.

Make your own constellations. You may want to make a few examples first. Have your guests put star stickers on a piece of paper - or posterboard - in the shape of something they like. Then have other guests try to guess what it is. You can show them pictures of the Big Dipper and other actual constellations so they get the idea that they don't need to place complete lines of stars to make pictures. They can name their constellations, and if you have time, hang them from string in the party area, or hang them on the walls for added decoration. If it's easier, use coloring book pages underneath blank paper so they can see a picture through the paper. Now they can stick the stars on the paper on the outline of the drawing and create their constellation.

Space ships! If your guests are small enough, you can use moving boxes or appliance boxes as ships. Cover them with aluminum foil, or just have the kids color and draw decorations on their ships. They can use stencils to write their ship name and number on the sides. Draw windows or doors. An adult can cut out a window, if you want, and then they can crawl inside their ships and "close" the top, looking out the windows to play. Tape or just set a few boxes together on their sides, open end to open end and make a long ship that more than one child can sit in to play. If you have the pop-up tents or tunnels, attach these to the "ship" as the entrances.

Games - Search for space items. Guests must find different pictures around the party area - At the end of the game the person with the most pictures correctly identified. This is a good option for an ongoing, low stress game during the entire party, too. Set up: Find images of planets, movie characters, cartoon characters or any other space items. You can use copies of coloring book pages, comic strips, magazine pictures, comic book pages, or print images from the Internet. See the Miscellaneous section for how to collect pictures from the Internet. Put each image on a separate page (you can cut and glue pictures to pages, or just print each individually.) Write a number on each sheet - bold and easy to read. On a separate piece of paper write down the name of each picture and the number associated with it. This is your "answer sheet." Place the pictures throughout the party area but don't make them all easy to find. Some of them can be in plain view for everyone to find easily, but hide most out of sight. Type a "search list" for your guests - we suggest NOT listing them in numerical order. So, you'll have a list showing "Saturn, Chewbacca, space shuttle…" with a blank near each one.
Play: give each guest a search list and pencil or pen. Tell them they need to write down the number they find on each picture in the correct spaces. Tell them their lists are due at a certain time - either in one hour, or at 5 pm, or when the list is complete. Winner: The first person to turn in a correct list. Or, give each guest a raffle ticket for each correct answer on the sheet. Have a raffle after the game using the tickets. Or you can have a raffle using only the correct, complete sheets. You could also have a collection of prizes - if a guest turns in a correct sheet they can choose a prize. So, the first one done gets to choose from everything available. You could just have fun going over the answers at the end of the event.


Space Posters! - Great party decorations!

Mans Greatest Adventure Poster Americas Astronauts Poster Earthrise Poster International Space Station Poster Hubble Space Telescope Poster Expedition Moon Poster Space Shuttle Blastoff Poster Our Solar System