The Ultimate Spy Theme Party

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Spy Theme Party


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Spy Themed Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzles Package

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Spy Email Adventure

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spy themed treasure hunt
Spy Themed Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzles Package

Spy Email Adventure
Spy Email Adventure




Planning a spy theme party? How about a James Bond or secret agent party? This incredible e-book has compiled OVER 100 unique and creative ideas and graphic templates to make your spy party FANTASTIC! Some ideas are simple and quick to implement...others are much more elaborate to really impress your guests. You're sure to find the ideas you're looking for!

Spy Party Topics

Spy Party Decorations & Atmosphere
Spy Party Invitations Ideas
Spy Party Food Ideas
Kid's Spy Party Ideas
Adult Spy Party Activities
Miscellaneous Spy Party Ideas

PLUS!!! - Graphic templates for CIA badges, fingerprinting cards and more!

This comprehensive e-book is all meat & no fluff or fillers. 30 pages of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative ideas!

Example: (found on party website when searching the net for ideas)

"Send a spy themed invitation by email"

Example: (#3 in the Invitations section of The Ultimate Spy Theme Party)

"3. Now living in an amazing technological age, you have a myriad of options for communication. Try putting the invitation in a WORD format document. Then (on the SAVE screen) click TOOLs, then GENERAL OPTIONS. In the bottom left corner there will be a box to type in a password. Choose one that will work. It will then ask you to repeat the password in a new box (don’t enter anything in the password box on the bottom RIGHT – that is for something else.) Now you have a password protected file/invitation! You can either email that to your invitees (offering the password to open it for another time…or providing the password in the body of your email.) You could also merely offer a clue as to what the password is – without just outright telling them. Rather than emailing the files, you could also burn the files on CDs and then mail them to your guests. They’ll get a big kick out of getting a blank CD. However, a note on this last suggestion…make sure that they know it is from you and that it is virus free. With all the viruses that float around our cyber-community, everyone is pretty wary of opening strange files."

What do our customers have to say about the Ultimate Spy Themed Event and our other products?

"Thank you again for your programs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the spy party and am going to incorporate some of those ideas into my event. I laughed out loud when I read the interrogation seat -- great idea :)" - Mary Kay

"I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween books and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones (Egypt) one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western One for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work" - Denise B.

"I'm printing it now (the Ultimate Spy Theme Party)! I'm looking forward to a great party and using many of your ideas." - Rebecca L.

"I purchased the Spy Theme Party and World Spy Email Adventure. They both were a great resource and offered fun and creative ideas. I am an event planner…it was a huge success and I owe many of the ideas to you and your downloads. I only wished I found your site would have saved me many hours of searching. It was also a wealth of information that I was able to use to fuel my own creativity and ultimately end up with another successful event. I will definitely use your site in the future. The time is saves is well worth the purchase. Thanks for putting together such a wonder resource!" - Kim B.

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

"I just got your Ultimate Spy Themed Event and there are a LOT of fun ideas!" - Hillary

"Downloading your brain is worth every penny. I am glad you were there to help!" Sherry

"I am pleased to know that there is a website like Quest Experiences that can be counted on!" Allen S.


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It would take hours to find not nearly half the ideas listed in this e-book! How much is your time worth? This download is offered in both Adobe Acrobat PDF format

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