Strawberry Shortcake Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Strawberry Shortcake party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas

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Although this may go without saying, consider providing actual strawberry shortcakes for your party guests. For extra fun, allow the guests to make their own - you providing all the components of the dessert.

Each of the characters from the Strawberry Shortcake collection represent different flavors. For a fun game, consider purchasing several different small jars of jelly or jam. Blindfold the guests and allow them to smell each jar and guess what flavor each one is. This game can also be played by having each guest dip a toothpick into the jelly and tasting it (making sure that no one double dips!)

If you know anyone who is handy with a sewing machine, provide elastic rimmed bonnets for each guest. They are actually quite simple to sew, with the elastic portion the most difficult part of the whole piece. These look absolutely adorable when they are worn by all of the party guests! Ask around to any quilter that you might know for small amounts of different colors/patters of fabric (they are always working with different patterns and often have spare pieces from past projects.)

Have each party guest answer the question "What is your favorite flavor?" From that flavor, they are to draw their own Strawberry Shortcake friend. Is it freshly baked cinnamon rolls? Pepperoni Pizza? Strawberry banana milkshakes? Have each party guest explain to the other guests what their name is and what flavor their represent. You can also award prizes for those that best incorporate the flavor into the dress and overall look of the character.

If you are able to get enough fresh strawberries, organize a strawberry sculpture contest! Provide each party guest with the same number of strawberries in different individual bowls. Also provide toothpicks to help in building the structure of the sculptures. Once the sculptures are completed, take pictures of all of them together, then allow your party guests to eat their creations as their snack!

If you are baking a cake or cupcakes, consider the cherry chip cake mix. It looks great as it's a very festive pink with small bits of darker red throughout!

Using construction paper and a stencil, you can create enough strawberries to fill your entire party space. A great part about cranking them out is that the kids can get in on the fun and lend a helping hand. They can either be put up on the walls all throughout the party space or hung from the ceiling. Smaller ones can be taped to string or yarn and used as garland.

Red balloons, when blown up, resemble the shapes of strawberries. Finish the look by taking a black Sharpie marker and drawing a bunch of dots on the balloons. Pieces of green construction paper should be place on top to not just finish the look, but to hide the rubber ‘nose’ of the balloon.

Place snacks bowls filled with different kinds of berries make for great party munchies. If you’d like something more personal, consider double-lining some cupcake paper cups and filling them with a healthy mixture of the berries.

Another great item for light food is to make a platter filled with a variety of different jelly sandwiches. Make the jelly filling light and cut the sandwiches into small squares or triangles. Encourage your guests to try the different kinds of berry jellies - the smaller sandwich sizes will help facilitate that.

If you are planning purchasing several baskets of strawberries, be sure to save the small, square green baskets that they come in. Decorating these can make for a fun activity. Lace/weave different color yarns and ribbon through the holes and slits in the baskets to create different designs. This makes for a great activity because now your guests have a parting gift to take home with them!

Get your hands on a bunch of smooth rocks (sizes will very, but small enough for your guests to easily handle.) Paint some of them the colors of strawberries, others like blueberries, and others like blackberries (taking into consideration their sizes when choosing which rocks to paint which colors.) A great game can be created by hiding these rocks in the backyard or other open space. The strawberries (the larger rocks) are to be hidden in the easiest of places. The blueberries (the smallest of the rocks) are to be hidden in extra hard places. Send your party guests out to find as many different ‘berries’ as they can. The strawberries are worth one point each (the easiest to find), the blackberries are worth two points a piece (slightly harder to find) and the blueberries are each worth three points (the hardest of the three to find.) The winner is determined not by how many ‘berries’ they find but rather how many points they have in total by the time all of the berries are found.

Paint smooth rocks with different colors of berries - the smaller ones blue for blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Hide them in the yard or in a sandbox. Different points values for different kinds of berries

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