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(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Hawaiian Luau Themed Event)

Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Ideas

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Hawaiian Luau Theme Party Ideas

A large sun can be made from cutting out a large circle from a sturdy material such as foam core board. Cover the 'sun' with aluminum foil. Over that, cover it with yellow cellophane. When the real sun hits it, it will have a great yellow shine.

Hang beach mates. If you want to block out the window for a night feeling inside (or if you are using colored lighting with the lamps inside,) these are great for hanging over the house windows, blocking out the sun. Beach towels can also be used.

Palm trees can be made from connecting long cardboard tubes (similar to those used to roll wrapping paper around - large cardboard tubes found at carpet stores can also be used to make larger trees), attached with cardboard palm fronds (or real ones if you can get your hands on some.) Some plastic coconuts hanging would look perfect (or some brown balloons). For extra fun you could also hang a monkey from its tale. Remember that palm trees are never straight up, perpendicular to the ground. Allow each tree to tilt a little to the side for an authentic look.

Weather permitting, tiki torches are a great way to set the mood in an outdoor setting. Even if your event is to be held entirely indoors, a few lit torches on the outside entrance look fantastic - especially at dusk. These can be usually purchased at a Wal-Mart or most garden centers (Oriental Trading Company typically has great deals on these.) To have the greatest impact with only a few torches, line two up on each side of the entrance - creating a 'gauntlet' of torches of sorts…a very dramatic beginning. Even if not lit (due to smaller children or weather) these look great.

Anyone you know have some old, rotted wood lying around the yard? Take the splintered scraps and lay them around the yard in a 'shipwreck/castaway' fashion. Additionally, these wood scraps make EXCELLENT signs (Aloha, Pier Entrance, Life Guard On Duty, Tsunami Warning, Hurricane Watch, etc. - or others referring to the different stations of your party, i.e. Castaway Food Station, etc.) Get some black paint and write, rather slapdash, the words for needed signs for your party or event. As an added touch, buy some red, black-light paint at your local stage and lighting company and have it illuminated with a good black light. Of course, this would only work in a darker setting, but the effect is incredible!

Ask around for those that might have boogie boards or sand boards (in the event that you don't have a surfboard or two… : ) to use as simple decorations.















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Hand Antiqued Shell Paper

Hand Antiqued Shell Paper


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