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  • Surf's Up penguins like to eat fish! Freeze some gummy fish in ice cubes and put them in your blue punch - or in each cup for your guests. Candy shells or stones would work as well - as long as your guests are old enough to avoid choking on the items.

  • Draw giant Surf's Up surfboards from large sheets of cardboard or butcher paper. These are quick and easy and can be hung up on any wall. An activity for the kids might be to decorate them before you hang them up.

  • Beach ball relays. Have your guests run around a Surf's Up obstacle course while carrying a beach ball in one hand and not dropping it. Or have them hold a beach ball between their knees and just run across a yard, circle a cone and run back to the starting line.

  • is a great site to have English words translated into Hawaiian (including all your guests names.) You could print up nametags for each individual, asking them to go by their Hawaiian name for the duration of the party. A prize can be given at the conclusion of the party for the guest who can correctly name as many of the other guests using their Hawaiian names (making sure that the nametags have been removed first.) A fun game to play as well is to have five select words (ones that are used often such as YES, NO, THANKS, PLEASE, etc.) whose translations are given to your guests. You explain to your guests that throughout the evening they must use the Hawaiian versions of the words and points will be taken away every time they accidentally slip and use the English version. Here are some sample translations
    a. Hau'oli L Hanau - Happy Birthday
    b. Ohana - family
    c. Mahalo - thanks
    d. Aloha - love
    e. Keiki - kids

  • Face painting - you can paint waves or Surf's Up penguin "stripes" on guests' cheeks. Or any Hawaiin items - flowers, bugs, palm trees, surf boards. Along these lines, you can also provide washable markers for the children to give each other their own arm tattoos. You might want to include some images for them to copy - depending on the creativity level and ages involved.

  • Try fish tag. Tell all the kids that they are a school of fish. One child is 'it' (or choose an adult) to be in the center of the playing area. Have a start and finish line, or a boxed in area to use as your playing area so there are clear boundaries. At your call, the 'fish' all need to 'swim' from one side of the playing area to the other side, passing 'it' (you could label him/her the shark) trying not to get tagged. If they are tagged, then they must join 'it'. Now when the fish swim by, it will be more difficult to avoid being caught. The winner is the last fish standing when everyone else is 'it'. You can also reverse the roles allowing the center 'shark catcher' trying to catch all the sharks that are swimming by




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Hand Antiqued Shell Paper