Tampa Bay Rays Theme Party Ideas
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Tampa Bay Rays Party Ideas

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Put up some decorations that will double as prizes! Order some Tampa Bay Rays posters and hang them up around the party space. You can either create your own contest or simply have a raffle to allow for your guests to win the posters on the wall as the game goes on. If you’ve opted to play baseball Bingo while you are watching the game, then these would make great prizes for that as well! See below for online poster resources.

Play a game of Tampa Bay Rays Game Score Prediction. Ahead of time have game sheets made out where each person can put their names and what they think the score will be at the end of each inning. All score cards MUST be filled out IN PEN before the game actually begins. ANY scores can be put in. For example, if one of your guests want put a score of 1 : 1 at each inning, they can do that. If they want to put in different numbers throughout, they can do that as well. If they guess one number correctly for a given inning, then they are give one point and if BOTH scores are correct for the same inning, then they are award three points. At the end of the game, everyone adds up their points to see which of your party guests won Tampa Bay Rays Game Score Prediction!

Send your guests on a Baseball themed scavenger hunt! You can either create your own lists or download one CLICK HERE!

Make your invitations look like game day tickets for an Tampa Bay Rays game. It’s a perfect format for giving all of the information for your party - the exact time and date for your party!

Do what you can to borrow a baseball referee shirt to wear for your party. This is especially effective if your party is on game day and there are opposing loyalties!

Play some Baseball Bingo! You can either make your own cards or just download them CLICK HERE!

As the team colors for the Tampa Bay Rays are Columbia clue, navy, gold and white - be sure to decorate all you can in these colors. A handy trick to blanket the space in the colors is to visit your local fabric store and buy a few lengths of fabric in those colors. You might even be able to find prints representing the Tampa Bay Rays (if you live in that city). Many things can be done with the fabric such as draping it in swags along windows, adding depth of color to table cloths, even cutting into napkins!

Sometimes you’ll want to blanket a large space of your party with their colors, but that can get pretty expensive. For an inexpensive alternative, pick up a few rolls of cheap wrapping paper in the Padres colors. These can be used to decorates doorways, walls and even used to cut out giant letters spelling the name of the team!

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