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Medieval Party Ideas

The Rose Treasure Hunt
The Rose Treasure Hunt

Princess Themed Treasure Hunts for Prereaders

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As the main character expressed herself through her art as a central theme to the character, incorporate this activity throughout your party. Allow multiple opportunities for the party guests to create different pictures expressing their personalities, sharing their favorite vacations, dreams, etc.

If you have a two story house, consider creating a long braid of material scraps and dangling it outside the window from one of the upstairs rooms. Ideally, it would best to choose a window closest to the front door of the party. To finish off the braided hair look, consider tying a large hair ribbon bow at the end.

For easy decorations that are inexpensive while also filling large areas of the party, consider purchasing an extra package of Tangled themed napkins. Once opened, they can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your party area. Have fun arranging them in different ways on your walls. This would also work with any extra plates you might have from the package you ordered (should the package include more plates than you have party guests coming.)

From the Internet, collect different images of different characters from the movie. Once printed and cut out, they are ready to be hidden and incorporated into a game. The object of the game is to not just find the most, but collect the most POINTS. You see, just before you hide the individual cut out images, write a number between 1-5 on the backs of each. The higher the number on the image, the harder the location to find for the image. In this way, you'll reward those who find those images that are harder to find!

One of the classic scenes of the movie was when the leading man tries to impress the princess with his SMOLDER look. If you aren't sure what we're talking about, it's worth youtubing the short scene to watch what he tries to pull off. For a fun game, ask each party guest to come up with their own SMOLDER look!











Medieval Knight Themed Treasure Hunts for Prereaders


Medieval Gems!
NON-flat back for ultimate reaslism!

Medieval Themed Bingo Set

Quest for the Holy Grail Adventure
A Complete Adventure!!!