Teddy Bear Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Teddy Bear party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Teddy Bear Party Ideas


As an activity for children, paint each of the child's faces like a teddy bear.

Make some furry teddy bear ears! Purchase a swatch of fur from your local craft supply store (the sell very small pieces) and cut out four circles approximately three inches in diameter. Combine the two pairs back to back and glue them, furry side out. Using a hot glue gun, attach the two 'ears' to a standard plastic headband (preferably a headband with the color that matches your own hair color)

Have everyone come dressed all in brown. Even if this is the only 'costume' worn, it can really set a great visual mood when everyone is wearing the same color…that of a teddy bear.

For those ambitious enough guests, challenge them to come dressed LIKE the teddy bear they bring to the party. This can be great fun to see who brings what bear and how they've chosen to dress them. It really brings out each guest's own personality in a very special way

THREE complete scavenger hunt lists to download - all with a BEAR THEME!