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So what EXACTLY is a Movie Adventure?

Quest Experiences has released a new line of puzzle adventures that can be solved by viewing specific, popular movies - one movie per adventure. Movie viewers will follow a separate short story on the side, filling in the clues along the way as they watch their favorite movie!


Keeping up with Quinn is not always an easy task – you’re always led to adventure. This time he finds himself in the heart of Africa. He’ll need your help, though. Filling in the blanks of the story will ultimately help Quinn at the end of the tale, at his most desperate hour. Every blank can be filled in utilizing the combination of the story context and watching the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Our movie adventure goes far beyond trivia. See Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom like you've never seen it before!

Gather the family together and enjoy each other's company playing a game that EVERYONE can enjoy. The young ones will have fun looking for the visuals while the adults will have a great time trying to figure out the minute details of the movie!

What do actual customers have to say about our Movie Adventures?

"Thank you, Joe. You've always had excellent customer service. We actually might play it this summer (A Christmas Story Movie Adventure), we love that movie year round. I was so glad that you wrote one for it. What about Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter? We would buy those in a minute!" Thanks - Laura

"I used the Chronicles of Narnia movie adventure at my youngest daughter's 12th birthday party and it was a fabulous hit!" - Merida M.


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