The Quest Thanksgiving Holiday Mega Pack

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The Quest Thanksgiving Mega Pack includes ALL of the following downloads:

A Pilgrim's Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt Puzzles Package - An amazing party adventure where your family and friends get to help the pilgrims of Plymouth find the missing John Smith! Do something different and FUN this Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Prereader Puzzles
Thanksgiving Themed Scavenger Hunt Lists Collection - With not one but THREE different lists to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect activity to create real memories this Thanksgiving holiday.
Thanksgiving Prereader Puzzles
Thanksgiving Themed Treasure Hunts for Prereaders - Just because your child isn't quite old enough to read doesn't mean you can't plan a fun and creative Thanksgiving treasure hunt! They've been good and they deserve something special!
Thanksgiving Themed Bingo Set - A fully created Christmas themed Bingo set. Includes 16 cards, markers and draws for a great time!

What do our actual customers have to say about our Thanksgiving themed downloads and other products?

"We just finished the hunt and it went perfectly! Can't wait to do this with my family on Thanksgiving. So grateful that I found your site! Will visit again in the future for some more fun. Happy Thanksgiving!" - Kim T.

"I purchased your Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt. I used it for my family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. They had a great time find the clues and working on putting it all together." Tim S.

"The scavenger hunt is awesome and I can't wait to do it with my kids. You saved me hours of planning. Thank you so much, and I've already been telling other teachers about your site. Just so you know, I'm actually in South America (Colombia) teaching at an international school. The kids down here are really active and it will be perfect for them!" Briana S.

"I am printing the book now! I am sure my nieces and nephews will have a lot of fun with this on Thanksgiving!" Sandra

"It looks like a great activity for a house of crazy cousins during Thanksgiving! Thanks!" - Kristin S.

"I purchased your Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt. I used it for my family gathering on Thanksgiving Day. They had a great ime finding the clues and working on putting it all together." Nancy S.

"I've been doing various scavenger/treasure hunts for them for many years for Thanksgiving. This is the first time I have bought one. This will be much easier!...Thank you again for the terrific service!" Carolyn W.

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

"Downloading your brain is worth every penny. I am glad you were there to help!" Sherry

"Joe, I really, really appreciate your advice!!! I can see I found the right company to work with online :)" Susan K.

"Thanks! I LOVE your books and puzzles! Great stuff!"
V. Wilcox

Don't miss out on any of the Thanksgiving holiday party fun!


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