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Tom and Jerry Party Ideas

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Jerry is always getting away from Tom and hiding where he can't be found. As a tribute to Jerry, print out found images online of Jerry (all different kinds and sizes.) On the backs of the images (once they are cut out) write a single number from 1-5. The smaller the image, the larger the number. You'll be hiding these images throughout a specially designated area of your party for your party guests to find. The smaller the image (and higher point value), the more difficult location you hide the image. Thus, the winner will be determined not by the how many Jerrys you find, but rather how many overall points you've collected!

As a pre-party activity (the activity that your guests will be engaged in while they are waiting for the other party guests) is to have each design their own 'Tom Mouse Trap.' Throughout the Tom and Jerry cartoons, Tom is constantly coming up with new and unusual traps to try and capture the tricky Jerry. Most of his plans are too over-though, making them fun to watch. Once each child has come up with their own trap, they can share with the group how the trap works (from their drawing) and everyone can vote on different categories such as most original, most elaborate and/or most likely to actually catch Jerry.

Ask around to friends and family to see if anyone might have the old board game MOUSETRAP. This can be a lot of fun to play, depending on the number of party guests you are expecting. If more guests are coming than the game allows for, divide the guests into teams, allowing the members to take turns rolling the dice, etc.

As a fun and simple decoration, cut out small half-circle shaped mouse holes from black construction paper and tape them to a few places along the baseboards of your party area. Model them after the holes that are in all of the Tom and Jerry cartoons!

For VERY simple and inexpensive decorations, purchase an extra pack of Tom and Jerry party napkins and use them to decorate your party area! Open them up and have fun using them in a variety of ways. When fully unfolded, they can cover large spaces at once!




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