Toy Story 3 Theme Party Supplies

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Toy Story 3 Party Ideas

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In the invitations, instruct your party guests that each guest is asked to bring in their favorite toy. At the party (during a down time, preferably) allow each guest to share with everyone why they brought the toy that they did.

Create a list of toys, gathering information about their release date from the Internet (VERY easy to look up.) Assign the party guests to guess which toys are older by putting them in order. This also works well for the adults in the room to play along. If the guests are particularly young, you might consider making sure to only use toys that have come out with the past decade. Another option is to have a series of pairings (i.e. "Which of these two toys is older?" kind of thing…)

Have a puzzle that is left out for guests to put pieces in at their leisure.

This can be one of the easiest themes to provide activities for. Simply set out numerous games at different stations throughout the party area. Allow your party guests to choose which games they'd like to play for certain time increments (i.e. every 15 minutes you might consider having everyone switch games, whoever was 'winning' at the time of the switch is considered the winner for the game.)

If you are considering playing different games as part of your party activities, liven them up by providing some items for your party guests to wear while they are playing. For example, if they are playing operation, give them white lab coats to wear. If it's an army game, give them army helmets to wear. Let them REALLY play!

Sometimes we don't have the time or money to decorate a party space as fully as we might like to. For a quick and inexpensive way to 'bulk up' on the decorations, consider buying an extra pack or Toy Story napkins. When fully unfolded, they can make for great party decorations to put on walls in checkerboard fashion (with solid colors alternating the patterned ones.) Have playing with them as you decorate.




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