Unicorns Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Unicorns party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Unicorns Party Ideas

Set up an outdoor garden area with some nice white sheer fabric as a table cover or ground cover. You can even set it up indoors! Make a tree trunk out of stacked cardboard boxes and cover with brown shipping paper. Or hang some brown streamers from the ceiling to act as the trunk. Use green balloons as leaves, or string along some green streamers above the area as the top of the tree. Scatter silk or real flowers around. Put some candles (not lighted) in the area. Maybe have a few shallow bowls with mirrors underneath them and float some flowers in water.

Rainbows and unicorns go together like peanut butter and jelly. For fun decorations that your kids will enjoy helping you make, get your hands on six colors of construction paper (yellow, orange, red, blue, green and purple.) Using the construction paper, cut strips and loop them to create the old paper chain that you made back in elementary school. However, with this one, you’ll be alternating the colors to create a rainbow! There are a few different ways you can combine the colors, and all of which are fun. It’s easy, inexpensive and looks great!

Create a unicorn wishing Christmas tree. For those that have an artificial Christmas tree in the garage (packed away), set it up for your party. Select the lights that you have (from the ones that work…no need to say more on that one…) that are the best choice, typically colorful. Now, cut out shapes of unicorn heads (dye-cuts often work great for this) and poke a paperclip through each such that you will be able to hang the unicorn heads on your tree using the paperclip as a ‘hanger.’ Now, before you hang the unicorns, explain to your party guests that the tree is actually a WISHING TREE. Each guest is to write down one wish on their unicorn and to hang it up on the tree. This looks great to have at your party and will allow your guests something to do as they read other guests’ wishes. To turn this into a game, make sure that each guest does NOT write their names on the wishes. At a certain point in the party (once everyone has had a chance to write one in) collect the unicorn wishes and read them aloud to the group. Everyone will have to guess who made which wish!

Find images of unicorns online or copy them from books and hang them around the party area.
Decorate in the guest of honor’s favorite color – or you can go for some mystical colors like lavendar and pale blue. Sprinkle glitter on the table. If you have unicorn dolls, put them around the party area as well.

Make Unicorn treats! Scoop some vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Put sugar cones on top, as the horn. Or you may be able to find the spiral lollipops to use as the horn. You can put candies in the bowl for eyes, strands of red licorice for the mane. Unicorn mix – try some pretzel sticks and yogurt chips mixed together.

Buy a package of ice cream sugar cones (they are the brown ones in the shape of an actual cone with a pointy bottom.) Provide your party guests with different colors of frosting, candies and sprinkles and allow each party guest to decorate their own .

Make some Unicornal unicorn brew. Freeze flavored drink mix or punch into cubes. Serve in a clear soda and the ice cubes “sparkle” as they melt in the soda.

Skittles in bowls are rainbow like and yummy













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