Wall-E Theme Party Supplies

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Wall-E Party Ideas

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Wall-E was cleaning up - so have some recycled crafts! Provide egg cartons, boxes, pipe cleaners, tin foil, glue… whatever you like. Have the guests build their own robot out of recycled items you have on hand. Round stickers can be buttons for the robots.

Wall-E cleaned up his area - so have a clean up game! Hide various household items or kitchen gizmos around the party area. Give the kids a list they need to find - if the kids are younger, maybe make a picture list. If you have enough children for two teams, you can make two separate lists of items. The first team to find all of their items wins the game.

Wall-E is made of metal - so anything with magnets would be good. You can find some magnetic crafts and activites at Oriental Trading Company or in simple science books at the library. For example, draw a maze on a piece of paper or medium weight cardboard. Put a paperclip on the top of the paper at the "start" of the maze. Hold a magnet underneath the paper and move the magnet to move the paperclip. It may be easier to have someone else hold the paper maze for the child while he tries to get the clip through the maze. Refrigerator magnets might work for this, but you'll want to test the strength of the magnet before the party.

Wall-E and Eve cake. You can draw them on a cake with icing, or make Wall-E with a few well-placed rectangle cakes. He is yellow and gray. Eve is white and black and blue.

Food - anything will do, but you can give your party food Wall-E names. Chocolate pudding could be motor oil. Chips and dip can be microchips and grease. Crackers or nuts could be nuts and bolts. Punch can be lubricating fluid…get creative!

Decorations can be anything space related - or trash! Go for black, silver and blue for space… or yellow, gray and brown for trash pick up. Wad up some junk mail and leave it around the party area. Have streamers around - but maybe not too neatly. Stack up some boxes with wads of tin foil or paper around the boxes and put a toy Wall-E on top of it for a centerpiece.



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