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Surfing the web for ideas for a Wild West themed party or event? LOOK NO FURTHER! This incredible e-book has over 150 unique and creative ideas (over 35 pages!) to make your Western themed party or event FANTASTIC! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional theme party and treasure hunt event designer with over 15 years experience in designing adventure themed parties and events!

The Topics

  • Western Party Decorations & Atmosphere (41 ideas)
  • Western Party Invitations (15 ideas - with #7 being three pages long!)
  • Western Party Food Ideas (18 ideas)
  • Kid's Western Party Games and Acitivities (17 ideas)
  • Adult Western Party Games and Activities (16 ideas)
  • Fundraising (5 ideas)
  • Miscellaneous Western Party Ideas (15 ideas)

This comprehensive e-book is all meat & no fluff or fillers.

OVER 25 PAGES of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative Western themed party ideas!

THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else - many originated by the author himself - ALL TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS!

Example: (found on party website when searching the net for ideas)

"Use poker cards and chips as centerpieces..."

Example: (#36 in the Wild West Party Decorations & Atmosphere section of The Ultimate Wild West Theme Party)

"36. Many, many things can be done with poker cards. As an added touch, use a cigarette to burn a hole into each card (it will look like a bullet went through it.) Cards can be left on tables (for guests to play), used as centerpieces, hung on walls in poker-hand fashions, etc.. For centerpieces, you could display them in such a way as to resemble a game that has not been played through. With this, you could set five cards at each place setting -creating a different poker hand for each person. To continue this idea, make sure that each person has a really good hand - flushes, full houses, etc. - they'll have fun finding out who has the winning hand. For a final touch, strew around some red, white and blue poker chips. "

As you can see, one "idea" can actually have several ideas within them!

What do past customers say about The Ultimate Wild West Party?

"Hi! I had downloaded the Old West book and was very pleased. It was full of specific, inexpensive, creative ideas that were easily implemented. Our fundraising event was a huge success. We used the jail idea mentioned in the book and it was a hit...People commented that the event was more like a party than a fundraiser...I will definitely look to Quest Experiences for ideas when planning our fundraising event for next year. Thank you!" J. Ropke

"I have read several pages as they are coming off the printer and with each page I get more excited! Our children and I are planning a Wild West 60th birthday party for my husband who is an avid western book reader and longs to see that part of the country that he reads in those books...your ideas will surely help us make him feel like he is back in the old Wild West. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and suggestions. We will definitely use them for our party." Gloria

"I am so excited to have yet another of your great books. I have your Pirate Adventure, a few Halloween Books, and your Spy Adventure - oh, yeah - I have an Indiana Jones one as well. They are all great and I can't wait to use the Western one for an upcoming party for my teenage daughter. Thanks for all your hard work" D. Baker

"Thanks very much. If was the perfect idea for a Wild Wild West themed team bonding day we are having for work next Friday." Amanda M.

"Have thoroughly enjoyed reading this ebook as much as I did the pirate party ideas that I ordered before. It looks as though you have put a lot of time and effort into compiling all of these party ideas. I appreciate your knowledge and creativity! Thanks again!" B. Lund

"Your wild west guide book is going to be a ton of help!" - Malinda T.

"Dear Joe, loving the wild west part ideas product I've purchased." - Nel

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"Got the western downloads and they look terrific!" - Lynn

"The ideas for the adventure package should be helpful for my corporate welcoming event in Phoenix!" - Lori W.

"I enjoyed using your information. I ordered the Wild West package. I used different parts and ideas out of it. Now that I've found you, I've definitely bookmarked your site. Thanks." Linda B.

"We used the Ultimate Western Themed Event to help put together a work theme day. I really liked receiving the product instantly, in a job situation we don't have lots of extra time, so it helped tremendously with our successful event!" - Kelly O.

It would take hours to find not nearly half the ideas listed in this e-book! How much is your time worth? This download is offered in the convenient Adobe Acrobat PDF format (download the free reader HERE)