Winnie the Pooh Theme Party Supplies

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Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

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Ask around to friends and family to see if they have any scrap pieces of wood that are weather worn (such as from an old fence, etc.) These are GREAT for making signs to post around your party area. Some signs to consider are "Pooh's Howse" and "Rabit's Garden". Be sure to have a couple of the letters written backwards just link in the storybook!

As a way to link the different activities you have planned for the party, give each child a photo copy of a coloring book page or story page to collect as the party progresses. In this way, by the end of the party they will have collected all of the pages to the story. Have some construction paper available at the end to staple the pages together with a cover.

If the weather is good enough, seriously consider making this party an outdoor party. You can make a large sign saying "100 Acre Wood". If you have a garden, be sure to include a sign saying "Rabit's Garden" (with a letter or two written backwards.) If you have a tree house, be sure to put a sign saying "Owl's Howse." As all of the stories take place outdoors, this would really give the feeling of being with Winnie the Pooh.

Collect as many ceramic ice tea jugs as you can from family and friends. These are very similar in style and shape as a honey pot! On a half sheet of paper write in a child's writing the word HONEY and tape it to each of the honey pots. These look GREAT for table centerpieces!

Winnie the Pooh LOVES honey. Be sure to have at least ONE snack for your party guests that feature honey (honey grahams, honey graham crackers, honey oats cereal, etc.)

Consider an activity of planting some vegetables as part of an activity. Give each party guest their own plastic cup or bowl to plant their carrots, etc. Rabbit would be so proud!

The actual tales of Winnie the Pooh are actually a collection of stories. For a down time during the party, consider reading one of the stories. For added fun, assign different party guests the different characters so that as you are reading, the guests can be acting out the different scenes. Be sure to cast the most energetic party guest as Tigger!

Reserve as many copies of the Winnie the Pooh storybooks as you can from your local library. These make for GREAT looking table top decorations or centerpieces, especially when propped up…and they're FREE!

Even if you aren't planning on providing time to watch any of the Winnie the Pooh movies during the party, consider playing the movie anyway but with the sound turned off. It provides for a dynamic form of 'decoration' that's free.

In your invitations, detail that Winnie the Pooh is throwing a surprise party for Tigger and the guest of honor (i.e. whoever is having the birthday, etc.)

Using a roll of brown postal packaging paper, create a large tree trunk at the entrance to your party (around the front door, for example) to allow your party guests to 'enter' when they arrive at the party. Add a sign on the outside that says "Pooh's Howse" with an arrow pointing to the door.

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