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Plan an AMAZING wizard themed adventure for your next party!

Having a wizard theme party and looking for the ultimate activity/experience for your guests?! In this adventure your guests will actually interact with three different wizards in an effort to solve a mystery at a Wizard Academy! This adventure is for 1 to 25 friends and family members, with tips on expanding the adventure for groups much larger! A great activity for those looking for more sophisticated entertainment! PERFECT for a Harry Potter theme party!

An ancient wizard's spell book, The Spells of the Griffin, has mysteriously disappeared from the wizard academy archives. One professor has already been accused of stealing and will get fired from their teaching position at the academy if the mystery isn't solved. Your party guests will interact with other wizard professors at the academy, solve puzzles and rush to complete tasks...all to save the accused professor!

To Catch A Wizard download kit includes the following:

Detailed narrative of the entire adventure the participants will enjoy
A step-by-step guide for setting up the adventure
Tons of ideas for enhancing the adventure including adding sound effects, costumes, props and scenery, and more!
Detailed character bio sheets for three lucky guests/participants who will be portaying live characters for the adventures!
PLUS all the clues needed to pull off the adventure without a hitch...all originals and ready for copying!

This full adventure can be set up for older participants (teens and adults) or for younger children with a fellow adult wizard guiding them throughout! Over 40 Pages of Adventure Hunt fun for every age!

PLUS - Want even more ideas more specific to your event or party? Email link provided to write directly to the writer with your specific questions!

The instructions and clues are all included - just waiting for you to make the needed copies gather some friends and watch the fun begin!

The clever versatility built into the adventure allows it to be set up inside a home, on church grounds, over an entire baseball stadium, throughout an entire city...ANYWHERE!

PLEASE NOTE! - To reach the largest audience, a special sensitivity has been applied to the design of this product. At no time do the participants have to PERFORM magical spells in order to complete the adventure. Although the concepts of written out spells are involved (along with other forms of magic) it is only within the story and NOT in the actual practice.

What do our actual customers have to say about adventures like this?

The "To catch a wizard" looks amazing as I am a huge Harry Potter fan…I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! - Ruth

"We had an ultimate blast! Your ideas and descriptions of the events and characters were amazing...thanks for everything!" Sherry

"We purchased the Medieval theme parties ideas and the Quest for the Holy Grail. We did this party for my daughter's 16th birthday. She is into the theater, dressing up, etc. She had a great time as did her friends. We set the party up in our home. We have four levels to our house so we were able to get them moving around a lot! As soon as our actors presented themselves and acted in character, the girls all fell right into character and behaved accordingly. They had a great time!" Mary Ann K.

"It was a huge success! So much so that my daughters friends are now hosting similar parties!" Sini

"The storyline and the characterization are truly memorable. " Raoul E.

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The To Catch A Wizard is in standard Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format and is available for immediate download

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