If you can send an email...then you can send someone on an amazing SPY ADVENTURE!

Spy Email Adventure

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spy party ideas
Spy Theme Party Ideas

spy themed treasure hunt
Spy Themed Treasure Hunt Adventure Puzzles Package

Perfect for the office or adventurous friends!

Who hasn't dreamt or imagined what it would be like to live the life of a secret agent of espionage? With this downloadable kit, you'll be able to send a friend or family on an exciting, multi-day adventure where they'll need to think and act like a real spy. If you can send an email…then you can put on the adventure!

Their mission will be to make contact with an agent, Zane Drake, who is currently underground in a hostile country. Once contact is made, they'll need to provide Zane with rendezvous information wherein he'll be able to get a fake passport and safe travel plans. This will all be done via email…sound too simple? Well, it will be for you but NOT for them! There will be a few puzzles to solve along the way in order to take steps closer to their mission goal. Your spy will meet other characters along the way, as well…one of them will be a double agent! What starts out as a simple contact mission turns into a dangerous race to save Agent Drake before he walks into a trap!

All the instructions to administer this adventure are provided in this download - once the email accounts are set up, it's just a matter of cutting and pasting the text provided! This adventure can be repeated as many times as you would like for any person you know with an email address.

This kit is broken up into two different sections:

  * Overall story - This explains the story that your spy will experience throughout their entire adventure. This is where you'll get a chance to fully understand what it is that you'll be giving them and in what order to give it.
  * Step by step instructions - These are just what the title says…simple, step by step instructions to follow in order to carry out the adventure.

What do our actual customers have to say about the World Spy Email Adventure?

"I just finished putting on the adventure for my friend Jill - she LOVED it! Her co-workers were even getting in on it - asking her what the latest was and what was happening next - almost like a soap opera! I'm really excited to do it for my own co-workers now...I hope you plan on creating more of these - we are having so much fun with them! Thanks." G. Robbin

"This is great! Thank you!" R. Holton

"Hello, I purchased the world spy email adventure last fall for use with my grown (20s) children who live around the country…It was a fore runner to A scavenger hunt around the same theme. They want to do another one this fall." - Kellie S.

"Just read through the adventure and I am totally excited to get this going!" Michele C.

"I purchased the Spy Theme Party and World Spy Email Adventure. They both were a great resource and offered fun and creative ideas. I am an event planner…it was a huge success and I owe many of the ideas to you and your downloads. I only wished I found your site first...it would have saved me many hours of searching. It was also a wealth of information that I was able to use to fuel my own creativity and ultimately end up with another successful event. I will definitely use your site in the future. The time is saves is well worth the purchase. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful resource!" - Kim B.

"I really enjoyed running the game…I thought that it was well thought out with fun puzzles and you were very helpful with questions I had and quick to reply. Thanks for the adventure! I'd buy a sequel to that one!" - RS H.

"I ordered a couple of your treasure hunts including the World Spy Email Adventure…Directions were easy to follow and everybody had a great time. Hope I get to do another one soon!" - Michelle

"This definitely helped me with the Mission Impossible themed field day for my high school students at a private school!" - Connie

This download is offered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (download the free reader HERE).


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