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WWE Party Ideas

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Along the walls of the room that the party is in, using black crepe paper stripe the walls in the same fashion as the ropes in a standard WWE arena mat. It's a simple decoration, but might be all that you'll need to make the room feel like a WWE arena!

From any vendor that offers posters for sale, order enough for one for each game/activity you have planned. Put the posters up around your party space as decorations. These look GREAT and easily fill a room. Allow the winner of each party guest to choose one poster from all that you have hanging up around the party area that they can take home with them at the end of the party. In this way, you'll also provided game prizes for your guests!

Although you might be hesitant to provide the activity of actual wrestling for your party guests, consider other versions such as Indian Wrestling (using only the legs), etc. Have fun perusing the numerous variations that you might consider inserting into your party to keep the WWE theme alive without things getting too 'rowdy.'

As a simple and fun pre-party activity (an activity that the party guests can get engaged in as they are waiting for the other party guests to arrive) have them design their own WWE wrestler. You don't have to watch many matches on TV before you realize that the characters are larger than life. Allow your party guests to use their imaginations as they create their own wrestlers. Before moving on, allow each guest to explain their wrestler to the other guests, showing off their drawings.

Ask around to anyone who might know a high schooler or college student who has some actual training in the sport of wrestling. This can be fun for your party guests to learn some reall moves from a wrestler who's competed before!






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