Zorro Theme Party Supplies

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Zorro Party Ideas
(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Mexican Fiesta Themed Event)

Visit your local public library and check out different books on Zorro. These look great as part of table centerpieces or as general decorations placed throughout your party area. They can either be laying flat or they can also be propped up in a half open fashion (remember to visit both the children's AND adult's section of the library.)

Hang fabric for simple decoration. Near larger metropolitan areas one can always find some type of 'garment district' or wholesaler shops for fabric. These are great for finding a high variety of prints for prices that are a steal - otherwise try the clearance tables at your local Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or Joann's Fabrics. Have fun searching for appropriate prints to hang like pinched tapestries on the walls. This simple trick does wonders for decoration (especially when the decoration supply is pretty thin.)

Get your hand on as many different TV sets that you can and place them around your party/facility/event. On each of the sets, play the movie Zorro (either of the movies in the series). Find multiple copies of the movie from friends, co-workers and especially the library. Although, you could have a different movie played on each set, don't shy away from having multiple sets with the same movie playing…having them all set to different places in the movie continually. Remember, this is for 'decoration', unless of course you'd LIKE your guests to watch the movie as part of an activity. The really great part about this is that you don't even need to have the volume on (in fact, especially for adult parties, the guests will probably more enjoy their conversations more than the movies…)!

Sombreros looks great positioned around your party area. They make great centerpieces or as decorations on walls. Party supply stores often sell them (when they are in season) or they can be ordered year-round online. Keep in mind that although you COULD get regular sized sombreros (which can be pricey if you need a lot), they do make them in all sizes for decorations (medium sized for decorations and smaller sized for centerpieces.)

Decorate with white Christmas lights. These look great for outdoor, evening settings. Although colored lights would also work, white ones seem to be ideal for a more 'desert' look. They should be either draped like streamers or outline doorways (hold back from putting in plants or trees or else you might give off a Christmas feel…)