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Bingo is a great game on so many levels. The rules are simple enough for anyone to play, yet I have yet to see a Bingo round when everyone didn't get emotionally involved. Oh, sure, there may be scoffers at the beginning…however, once things get started it isn't long before everyone's crossing their fingers hoping for their winning space to be called out!

We've designed 35 NEW AND ORIGINAL Bingo game variations to make it even more fun. How about Battleship Bingo...or Murder Mystery Bingo? Here are just a few of the game variations included:

Cheater's Bingo
Once Upon A Time Bingo
Jeopardy Bingo
Hangman Bingo
Spy On Your Neighbor Bingo
Blackjack Bingo...

A Total of 35 in all!

Each game variation takes a standard Bingo set and changes the rules slightly to provide for an entirely new game experience! Talk about a way to get the most of your Bingo activity!

The Bingo Bonanza is a 40 page document in standard pdf format and can be downloaded for FREE with the purchase of any of our downloadable Bingo sets (each regularly priced at just $8.95). We also offer the Bingo Bonanza for purchase for $6.95 a la carte.

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