Scavenger Hunts

Although we specialize in treasure hunts and live adventures, we do offer resources for those that are more interested in planning a scavenger hunt. What's the difference you ask? They can be defined in their simplest forms as follows: A treasure hunt involves going to several different locations in a fixed order until the participant reaches a final destination. A live adventure is a more complex treasure hunt where the order of locations isn't as defined and there are typically activities or tasks to complete at each location. A scavenger hunt involves beginning with a list of items that must be collected within a specific amount of time - the more items found within that time period the better one has done.


We currently offer the following resources for planning a scavenger hunt:

Themed scavenger hunt lists for downloading and printing directly from your computer

Hand antiqued paper for creating hand writter lists

Tips for Planning A Scavenger Hunt


Downloadable Scavenger Hunt Lists

A scavenger hunt list is very simple to create - all it takes is listing some random items on a piece of paper and you're ready to go. Sometimes, though, you'll want something more. We've designed several different collections of scavenger hunt lists that can be easily downloaded and used, each with a different theme for added fun. Each themed collection contains three lists (with the exception of the Roaring 20's theme which contains more) with varying degrees of difficulty. They range from the simple (a list of items to find within that theme) to the very complex involving finding clues to puzzles and solving them, etc. Sometimes we have the time to get creative and design our list ourselves...and sometimes we don't. When you find yourself in the latter situation, you'll find our lists very helpful!


We currently have over 20 themes to choose from including:

1940's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, American Independence, Ancient Greece, Baseball, Basketball, Bugs, Candy, Cats, Chinese, Cinderella, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Roaring 20's, Mexican Fiesta,
US Civil War and more!

To view all of our lists, CLICK HERE.


Hand Antiqued Paper

This is about as fun as it can get when it comes to making your list look cool. Although it can't be run through a printer, it's a heck of lot of fun to use if you're able to hand write your lists. Our four step aging process transforms regular parchment paper into paper that looks hundreds of years old. It not only LOOKS antique…but it FEELS antique, as well! Although it’s impossible to feel the paper on your computer screen right now, our past customers have described the feeling as ‘leathery paper.’ We currently offer the paper in two different sizes - Full Sheets (8.5" x 11").


Planning A Scavenger Hunt

The format of a scavenger hunt involves beginning with a list of items and the need to find as many as one can within a certain amount of time. There are many variations on this concept, but we'll begin with this definition. Whether or not a scavenger hunt is successful depends largely on the list itself. The more creative the list, the more fun (in general) your participants will have. How does one get creative with a scavenger hunt? Glad you asked…

Here are some ideas for consider when building your scavenger hunt list:

1. Apply different point values to different items. The more difficult the item to obtain, the more points it's worth. In this way you'll reward ingenuity while also providing opportunities every team to get at least SOME points.

  2. Some lists involve spelling out the item (i.e. a waffle iron) but consider also the option of disguising the item as you might a clue in a scavenger hunt.

3. Give your participants a large enough area to work with to allow them to be creative.

4. For a twist…make sure each team has a camera and ask them to get their picture taken with different objects rather than collecting them (i.e. "A picture with the whole team standing in front of a military vehicle)

5. Make the lists LOOK nice…since the list is what they'll be looking at the entire time, take the effort to design it appropriately (ESPECIALLY if you've chosen a theme for your hunt.)