Treasure Hunts

So, you're looking to plan a treasure hunt, eh? Well, you've hit the mother lode! We currently offer the most treasure hunt creating resources and FREE information than any site (in English) on the Internet! Looking for something simple to get you started? We've got that. Looking for the unique and unusual to plan something over the top? We've got that, too...and everything in between. We've broken out our resources into different categories for easier navigation as follows:


NEW - Treasure Hunt Props and Supplies

Downloadable Treasure Hunts

Full Treasure Hunt Adventures

Treasure Hunts 101 Course: Our FREE treasure hunt resource articles

Storylines and Adventure Ideas


NEW - Treasure Hunt Props and Supplies

It won't be hard to impress your treasure hunters with our growing list of treasure hunt
props and supplies. From realistic looking treasure gems in a variety of color themes
to ancient scultpures with customizable clues hidden INSIDE! See our Egyptian Stele of Khafra, a stone tablet designed to be used directly in a treasure hunt allowing the participants to translate REAL Egyptian heiroglyphs! Click HERE to see more....

Hand Aged Paper

Downloadable Treasure Hunts

Want to plan a creative and unique treasure hunt experience but don't have the time or energy to for a full blown adventure (as described in our Building A Quest resources)? That's ok because we've designed packaged treasure hunt puzzle collections that you can use to link together to create a treasure hunt all your own without the need to figure out all those puzzles yourself! Click HERE to see more....

Full Treasure Hunt Adventures

Looking for something really over the top? We're pioneering an innovative and exciting new adventure hunt format utilizing volunteers to play character parts in the story of your treasure hunt! See our FREE download on how to "Build A Quest" PLUS already fully designed adventures to download and set up. Click HERE to see more...

spy treasure hunt
Spy Themed Treasure Hunt Puzzles and OTHER themes!

Treasure Hunts 101

From the design and idea creation stage to figuring out how to organize teams, we aim to address all aspects of treasure hunt design and facilitating. Our growing list of FREE resources articles will help reduce the stress and headache when dealing with all of the details that make up a reall great treasure hunt experience. Click HERE to see our list of articles...

Storylines and Adventure Ideas - Coming Soon!

Sure a random set of clues and puzzles can be amusing...but why not make your treasure hunt more exciting by adding a bit of creativity to the adventure. Send them out looking for Egyptian tombs or challenge them to save a spy from walking into a trap. This growing section will provide new and fresh ideas to help your treasure hunt seem more like a real adventure!

Monthly Special
Realistic looking
Treasure Gems!

The Adventure Dad - Family oriented site for creating family activities that rival most video games - It's not easy as a parent to pull your child's face away from their screens. How can we hope to compete with dragons and sunken treasure? Well, here you'll find engaging 'video-game-style' games and activities that will make even your teens put away their screens long enough to create some family memories.

Adventures For Everyone - Packaged adventure hunts for family travel trips and corporate events - Our 'event' and facilitation arm of Quest Experiences. This is also a great place to order packaged adventure hunts that are delivered right to your door. Unwrap the package in your local theme park, zoo or university and you're off!

The Theme Party Hub - TONS of theme party ideas - www.themepartyhub. Although this site has literally 100's of pages of theme party ideas, we're hoping to build this site to even higher heights. The theme party ideas are organized in a way that is more accessible and fun!

The Treasure Hunt Hub - Tips and tricks for creating your own scavenger hunts and treasure hunts - Designing a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt from scratch is all about the details. Here you'll find all sorts of articles on how to design your own adventure hunt in a variety of formats. Happy designing!

Theme Park Quests - All types of theme park fun - birthdays, hunts and more! - As we are HUGE theme park enthusiasts, here you'll find all types of fun things to do at your local theme park...with a special attention given to the Disney brand theme parks.