The overall concept of going on a treasure hunt has had an interesting evolution in the past several decades. What was once a fun 'connect the dots' activity going from location to location based on a set of rhyming clues has led to amazing adventures that now involve solving a myriad of different puzzles and interacting with characters. As we push the envelope forward to press on in the pursuit of seeing how exciting treasure hunts can be, we invite everyone to participate and join us. Visit us often as new treasure hunt formats are constantly being designed and added to our collection!

Although we're working hard to break the stereotype, it has been tradition that treasure hunts were mostly for 'kids.' With innovations in video gaming in this new millennia, kids now want to be swept away on an adventure. As for adults…well…their tastes in what they find entertaining have become more sophisticated, as well. We aim to impress ALL age groups!

We hope that you'll find everything you'll need to plan a REAL adventure for your party, church, employee event, friends, family or classroom.


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