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Creating an adventure, or even a simple treasure hunt, is made up of several elements and creation steps. We've broken out all of the resources from our website into different sub-categories to make it easier to find the key piece you are looking for. Think of this as your Erector Set Table of Contents for your adventure or treasure hunt - all the pieces and connectors to make the designing process not just exciting, but also less painful!


Adventure Props - What are adventure props? Basically anything that your adventurers can hold onto and touch as PART of their adventure. Items might include authentic looking artifacts, treasure gems, treasure maps, gold statues, stone tablets to translate to name only a select few.

Storylines - Storylines can be very simple, but they are always crucial if you want to move away from the often overused rhyming clue to rhyming clue treasure hunt. This single element will provide the WHY for your adventurers...why they are to be excited to go on your adventure.

Formats - Adventures and treasure hunts can fall into hundreds of different formats. Think of these as the skeleton for what you'll have your adventurers participate in. Will they visit different locations? Will they translate ancient writing? Use a map? In the formats sections you'll see such topics addressed.

Materials - Much of the progression for your adventure or treasure hunt will hinge upon your written materials. These include clues, maps and research papers used for clues.

Adventure Ideas - Here we attempt to provide some specific ideas that can be used in an adventure or treasure hunt, broken out by theme.

Theme Party Ideas - Often times, the adventure or treasure hunt you are creating is facilitated within a larger event or social gathering. Therefore, we also offer theme party resources for planning an amazing event that stays consistent with the theme of your adventure. The more you can incorporate the theme into the overall experience, the more fun your participants will have!

Treasure Hunt Puzzles - For those that are looking for something not as elaborate as a full adventure, but still want something several steps above a simple rhyming treasure hunt, we've provided a healthy selection of themed treasure hunt puzzles packages. Think of these as 'legos' for creating a treasure hunt. Each collection is held together by a specific theme and brief storyline set-up.








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