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What sets a simple treasure hunt apart from an actual adventure is the story. Video game designers caught on to this many years ago and now have big budgets for developing compelling stories for their games. If the player is pulled into the story, they'll be more engaged in the game.

Now, please don't get overwhelmed with this aspect (for those that are tempted to give up already.) We're not talking about WRITING a whole story…we're talking about inserting story elements into your adventure. Which ones and how many is up to you. However, having a story (or back story, at least) is a must.

Basically, you'll be providing a huge WHY for your adventure participants. Following random rhyming clues is…well…random and not very motivating to follow (unless a HUGE reward is awaiting them at the end.) However, if you want the activity itself to be the reward (i.e. you want them to have fun more than you want to spend money on a big pay-off at the end) then give them something to fight for. Have them save a damsel in distress, solve a mystery, or save the world. Give them a REASON for going on the adventure! Your story may only be expressed in the beginning of the adventure as you explain what they are trying to do…even so, it's existence is crucial if you want to gather folks' attention.

We hope to continually build upon our list of sample storylines that you can freely use to create your own adventure or treasure hunt. Click below on the different themes we currently have available:

Ancient Egypt