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Egyptian Adventure Storylines

What sets a simple treasure hunt apart from an actual adventure is the story. Video game designers caught on to this many years ago and now have big budgets for developing compelling stories for their games. If the player is pulled into the story, they'll be more engaged in the game. These storylines have been expanded upon to included full treasure hunt outlines - click HERE to see more.

You can either create one of your own, or choose from one of our example Egyptian archeology adventure scenarios below:

1. Have them search for a missing professor and/or his research. Professor Charles Thorndyke, the reknown explorer and archeologist, made a recent discovery in the lower delta of the Nile - a new set of grave ante-chambers that have to date been previously unexplored. However, once he went public with his discovery, the professor has disappeared along with his research (before he publicly announced WHERE the find exactly was.) The adventurers must find out what happened to the professor. Along the adventure they can find traces of his research suggesting different places the professor might be. You can let the plot thicken by having him kidnapped or simply put him at the end with him simply fearing for his life because of the threats he got once he went public (that others would kill for his information.)

2. A mysterious, Egyptian artifact was stolen from a museum. A mysterious artifact believed to lead to the lost treasure of the pharaohs…of which no one has ever to date located. It will be the adventurers responsibility to figure out who stole it and where they might be able to find it (turn it in for a reward to the authorities.) As an extension to the adventure you could have them use the artifact in some way to find the lost treasure (at the end of your hunt!)

3. Some more reminiscent of Indiana Jones. Set the adventure in a WWII setting with Hitler looking for a lost Egyptian artifact, hoping to tap into its power. The adventurers will be on a race to see who can find it first!

4. Save the world from the Mummy. When an artifact was stolen from an Egyptian temple, all sorts of strange things have been happening all over the world. It's one historians belief that if they can put the artifact back in a certain resting place, the un-explained disasters will stop. (As a fun addition, it would be fun to have a couple volunteers dressed up as a mummy to scare or distract the adventurers as they go about the hunt!)

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