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Treasure Hunt Egyptian Tablet!

  A fully designed Egyptian themed treasure hunt
  Egyptian Themed Bingo set
  TONS of Egyptian Theme Party Ideas
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Egyptian Adventure Formats and Outlines

Not feeling very creative? That's ok, too. We've provided some sample treasure hunt/adventure skeleton outlines below. Although a full treasure hunt can't be detailed because the locations you'll be using will be specific to your location, duration of your adventure, etc., hopefully it will be helpful to see the pieces of a sample adventure. Each treasure hunt outline below was designed to be used with the Stele of Khafra (to check out the Stele of Khafra treasure hunt Egyptian tablet, click HERE.) If you have not ordered one of the Khafra treasure hunt tablets, you can still gather lots of ideas i the outlines. Each outline below are expansions from the sample storylines/premises we've included previously HERE. Remember, have fun with it! (Click on a Scenario below to see expanded details.)

SCENARIO #1: THE LOST PROFESSOR. Professor Charles Thorndyke, the reknown explorer and archeologist, made a recent discovery in the lower delta of the Nile - a new set of grave ante-chambers that have to date been previously unexplored. Click HERE to read more...

SCENARIO #2: THE MUSEUM HEIST. A mysterious artifact believed to lead to the lost treasure of the pharaohs, of which no one has ever to date located, has been stolen from the museum. The museum is offering a reward to anyone who can return it - they believe it to be an inside job (someone who works at the museum.) Click HERE to read more...

SCENARIO #3: WORLD WAR II / INDIANA JONES BACKDROP. The Nazis are looking for an Egyptian artifact that is believed to be able to raise the dead. If they Nazis get their hands on it, the free world won't stand a chance against Hitler and his forces. Click HERE to read more...

SCENARIO #4: THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY. When an artifact was stolen from an Egyptian temple, all sorts of strange things have been happening all over the world. It's one historian's belief that if the adventurers can put the artifact back in a certain resting place, the un-explained disasters will stop. Click HERE to read more...


Antiqued Paper - PERFECT for an ancient Egypt adventure!
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