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Egyptian Adventure Scenario #1

(This outline is an expansion of the adventure detailed HERE and was designed to be used with the Stele of Khafra treasure hunt Egyptian tablet)

Scenario #1: THE LOST PROFESSOR. Professor Charles Thorndyke, the reknown explorer and archeologist, made a recent discovery in the lower delta of the Nile - a new set of grave ante-chambers belonging to the Pharaoh Khafra that have to date been previously unexplored. However, once he went public with his discovery, the professor has disappeared along with his research (before he publicly announced WHERE the find exactly was.) Rumor has it that one year prior to discovering the ante-chambers, he found the lost Stele of Khafra, an ancient artifact believed to hold the key as to the whereabouts of Khafra's gravesite.

A. Explain to the adventurers that they must find the professor and see if they can discover the location of his recent archeological find. The only clue they have to go by is a message that the professor left with his personal secretary the day he disappeared.

a. Give the message to decode from the professor. Once translated, the message reveals that he is in hiding at a given location

B. The adventurers head to find the professor. Once there they meet a volunteer that is playing the professor who is acting afraid for his life. He explains that once the academic world got wind of his findings that he began to get threatening letters to not reveal the location to anyone except the sender of the letters. He became afraid and divided his research into thirds and sent it to three different locations for safety. He then gives them clues on how to find the three. If they return with the research, he will reveal the location of his new archeological find using the Stele of Khafra (at which time he shows them to get them more excited about their adventure.)

C. The adventurers head to three different locations in the order of their choice to collect the three different pieces of research.

a. Research Part 1: He mailed in a letter to a friend. They arrive at someone's home and either asks the person for it or find the letter in the mailbox or on their front door.

b. Research Part 2: He buried in the ground at a park.

c. Research Part 3: He hid in a book at the library (be sure to use the Reference section of the library, those books cannot be checked out. If it's an obscure enough book, you should be safe to put the research sheet inside on the day of the treasure hunt.)

D. Once they adventurers have all three pieces of the research, they return to the professor in hiding and he pours over them to 'remember' where the site is. He shows them how to use the research to translate the name of the city on the tablet. Once they have the location, the professor says that he's leaving the country, but will return…in the meantime, the adventurers are to go to the site and enter it to retrieve any artifacts before the evil 'letter sender' gets there. NOTE: At this time you could also use the city name that is hidden INSIDE the tablet (by allowing the adventurers to break open the tablet to retrieve the hidden city name inside the tablet.)

E. The adventurers head to the Egyptian temple you've created using your garage and some black tarp (see above for further details on this). Once through, they find the treasure you have planned for them to collect, and return back to the start of the hunt having completed their adventure!
A total of eight locations to travel to including the beginning and ending locations (Home base, professor, research stop 1, research stop 2, research stop 3, back to the professor, the Egyptian temple area, final destination or home base again.)

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