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Egyptian Adventure Scenario #2

(This outline is an expansion of the adventure detailed HERE and was designed to be used with the Stele of Khafra treasure hunt Egyptian tablet)

Scenario #2 THE MUSEUM HEIST. A mysterious artifact, the Gold Stele of Khafra, has been stolen from a local museum. The museum is offering a reward to anyone who can return it - they believe it to be an inside job (someone who works at the museum.) It will be the adventurers responsibility to figure out who stole it and where they might be able to find it (turn it in for a reward to the authorities.) You could also work into this story having the stone version stolen which, when translated, will LEAD to the SOLID gold version of the stele, allowing for a longer adventurer.

A. Start the adventurers off with a list of each person who signed in to view or handle the artifact in the special acquisitions department of the museum. This will be the adventurers list of 'suspects.' Each stop in the treasure hunt will eliminate at least one person from the list. Explain that they person who stole it must satisfy the following three conditions:

a. They must have been in the museum on the day it was stolen

b. They must have access to the sealed vault for the priceless acquisitions

c. They must be able to be good with computers as the security system was hacked.

B. The adventurers head out to the different locations you have on their list to see which people on their list they can eliminate. The following are some possible locations that you can send them to (places that you set up to be locations for your adventurers to visit on their hunt):

a. The museum security office to see who has access to the sealed vault. Make sure that MOST of those on their list have access. At this stop on the hunt you can provide a fake schedule on a clipboard, etc. with all the information that they need.

b. The human resources department of the museum to see who was scheduled that day at work.

c. A BEGINNER computer class at the local community college. This could be a simple fake sign up sheet. By seeing the names on the list they would see who doesn't know anything about computers (crossing a few more names off the list.)

C. After visiting the three locations, they are able to see who on their list is the only likely suspect. Next to each suspect name on their list is a phone number for reaching the suspect. Have a volunteer on the other line waiting for the adventurer's phone call. When the adventurers call him/her, he/she explains that they are sorry for what they've done and are planning on leaving the country. They ALSO tell the adventurers where they've hidden the artifact and that he/she would like it returned to the museum.

D. The adventurers go to the location detailed by the suspect on the phone and find the artifact.

E. The adventurers head back to the museum or police to turn in the artifact.
A total six locations and one phone call to complete this adventure (the home base, the museum security office, the museum human resources department, the computer classes, the location of the artifact, back to the museum/police to turn in the artifact.)

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