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Egyptian Adventure Scenario #3

(This outline is an expansion of the adventure detailed HERE and was designed to be used with the Stele of Khafra treasure hunt Egyptian tablet)

SCENARIO #3 World War II / Indiana Jones backdrop. The Nazis are looking for an Egyptian artifact that is believed to be able to raise the dead. If they Nazis get their hands on it, the free world won't stand a chance against Hitler and his forces. NOTE: Either the stone or gold versions of the stele would work for this scenario.

A. Start the adventurers off explaining to them the situation. They CANNOT allow the enemy to find the artifact before they do! According to historical tradition, it is believed that the number sequence on the tablet reveals how to reverse the curse should anyone actually activate the tablet. Give the adventurers a list of possible places to pick up clues as to where they might be able to find the Stele of Khafra.

B. The adventurers head out, visiting the different locations on their list, gathering information as they go as to where they might be able to locate the exact whereabouts of the artifact. These stops can be completed in any order as long as they complete them all.

a. Stop #1 - The research professor. Either have a desk or research for the adventurers to pick something up on or have them speak to a volunteer who will play your professor. Here is where the adventurers learn that there is a sealed document that the professor's colleague was keeping safe with details on where to find the stele.

b. Stop #2 - The adventurers head to the location detailed by the professor to pick up the sealed letter. You can either have the letter sitting in its hiding place or station a volunteer to play the professor's assistant. Have the adventurers build the trust of the volunteer first before you either hands them the sealed letter or details where she hid it.

c. Stop #3 - Someplace to pick up a map of the city or playing area of your treasure hunt (your home, church grounds, etc.) Each location on the map is numbered.

C. By reading the document, they learn that the stele can be found at LOCATION #3 (or some other number of your choice.) They then look at the map and find that location number and head straight there.
This adventure has seven locations including the starting and ending locations (the home base where the adventure starts, the research professor, the assistant, the location of the envelope, the location for the map, the location of the artifact, the final location to return the artifact - or simply the end of the adventure hunt.)


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