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Egyptian Adventure Scenario #4

(This outline is an expansion of the adventure detailed HERE and was designed to be used with the Stele of Khafra treasure hunt Egyptian tablet)

SCENARIO #4 THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY. When an artifact was stolen from an Egyptian temple, all sorts of strange things have been happening all over the world. It's one historian's belief that if the adventurers can put the artifact back in a certain resting place, the un-explained disasters will stop. In this adventure, the adventurers will begin with the Stele of Khafra (either the gold or stone, though the gold one would probably be more exciting) and will need to figure out where to place it - your final destination in your adventure hunt. (As a fun addition, it would be fun to have a couple volunteers dressed up as a mummy to scare or distract the adventurers as they go about the hunt! - you could also set up a rule that if a mummy touches them that there is a penalty of some sort (such as adding minutes to their overall time should it be a race.) This will REALLY make it exciting because the adventurers may not be afraid of your fake mummies…but they definitely will be running from them if their touch will impede their success!)

A. Start the adventurers off with a Stele of Khafra that they must place somewhere. Explain to them the reasons why (as described in the paragraph above) and that they must do so before any other strange catastrophes happen. If more than one adventurer will be participating (in teams competing with one another) you can number the items so that you can visit the final destination to see which teams correctly delivered the tablets. Along with the tablet, give them a map of the playing area (the church grounds, city, school, etc. where you're hosting the adventure ) with different locations circled. Explain to them that they must visit the circled locations in order to learn where to place the artifact/idol.

B. You can choose how many locations they must visit in order to figure out where to place the artifact/idol. Here are some suggestions for possible locations:

a. Have them search out the translation research sheets first. Once they find the research, they are able to translate the writing on the tablet to figure out where they need to place it. To facilitate this, have a long list of possible locations next pharaoh's names, city names or numbers (they are all on the tablet so you can choose which you'd like to use.) Next to each one write a possible place for them to place the tablet. Only be translating the tablet will they be able to know exactly WHICH location they are to place the tablet.

b. Start them off with an encoded message (or make one of the locations a place to collect the message). Each of the other stops are pieces of a translation to that message. Once they been to enough locations to translate the message, they can head to that final location.

c. Several different professors did research as to where the location might be. Each location gathers a little bit of research to that final location.

d. Provide a long list of possible locations. This one is completely random and luck comes into play. The adventurers simply visit each location on the list until they find the location.

C. The final location - this one is IDEAL for the haunted temple ideas previously listed (to revisit these ideas, click HERE.) Have the adventurers arrive at the location and go through your spooky temple area. Remember, it doesn't have to be big…just spooky. Have a specific place like an empty alter, etc. where the adventurers can place their artifact or idol.
This hunt has any number of locations - the exact number is chosen by you relating to the number of stops to figure out the final location of the temple area. This particular adventure can be GREAT for a Halloween party!

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