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Adventure Props

What can really set your adventure apart is the simple inclusion of an exciting prop or two. What are adventure props? Basically anything that your adventurers can hold onto and touch as PART of their adventure. Items might include authentic looking artifacts, treasure maps, gold statues, stone tablets to translate to name only a select few. We have set out to offer one of a kind adventure props that are versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of participants and situations. We hope that by viewing our adventure props, you'll be inspired to expand your treasure hunts and adventures beyond the two dimensional sheets of paper...

We've divided our Adventure Props into three different categories for easier searching:

Adventure Elements: Although these are fun to use as simple props (as a prize at the end, etc.) they were designed to be used as a puzzle element to your adventure. Some require translating to reveal a clue, others require breaking...all in an effort to provide excitment to the problem solving aspect of your adventure or treasure hunt.

Antiqued Paper : Whether it's clues or maps, you want your paper to look great! We have different themes as well as blank sheets for creating your own - AND we have the option to do custom orders - send us your document and we'll antique it and mail it out to you!!!

Adventure Treasures: It's always great to have an exciting payoff at the end to your adventure. We've provided unique 'rewards' for your treasure hunt or adventure here.

Miscellaneous Resources: We also provide other useful resources to crank up the fun for any kind of treasure hunt or adventure. Here you can find hand antiqued paper, exotically postaged envelopes from around the world and more.
















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