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So much of what makes the Indiana Jones and National Treasure adventures so exciting are the props that the treasure hunters use along the way. It's in that spirit that we've designed this unique ancient Egyptian tablet SPECIFICALLY designed to be used in a treasure hunt! The hieroglyphs are historically accurate - perferct for a REAL ADVENTURE!

The fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, Khafra, is known for building the Sphinx and his pyramid is the second largest of the Great Pyramids at Giza. However, what else about this great builder DON’T we know? Perhaps an ancient clay tablet found on the banks of the Nile will reveal hidden mysteries about this pharaoh…maybe even treasure!

The Gold Stele of Khafra comes with an authentic looking, gold painted tablet with a variety of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs engraved on it. There is a myriad of information one can learn from translating the tablet, from the name of a city or pharoah, to the number of years for clues and more! Also included are FIVE hand antiqued research pages that will fully translate the stele. With so many options, YOU get to choose how you want to use it in your treasure hunt! In your treasure hunt you might start the teams off with the research pages and ask them to translate some information from the stele ONCE THEY FIND IT (enter your treasure hunt.) Or perhaps you'd prefer the other way around - start the adventurers out with the stele and then have them begin their hunt for the lost research to translate the tablet! By itself, it also makes for a great treasure to find at the end of our your hunt!

Click HERE to check out our sample already designed treasure hunt adventures using the Stele of Khafra!

The Gold Stele of Khafra is an alternative version of our Stele of Khafra. See below for all of the options available!


The Gold Stele of Khafra, when translated will reveal the name of cities, number of days and years, an Egyptian name without a past so that you can use it howeveryou'd like, a God and more!

The Gold Stele of Khafra is approximately 8" x 5 1/2" and cast in plaster

The Stele of Khafra includes all that you see - the stele, five, hand antiqued sheets of Egyptian hieroglyph translationsand a full translation of the tablet to help you incorporate it in your hunt!
ALSO - See about our STONE/CLAY version of the Stele with a clue hidden INSIDE! (Click HERE to see our stone/clay version!)

Please note: Shipping and handling for this item is $5.95 each, with free shipping for any order over $75.00. Please allow up to three days for order completion (as all of our tablets are hand made and sometimes the demand in a given week might be higher than usual.)

US ORDERS ONLY PLEASE (at this time...we're hoping to change that soon based on the popularity of this item.


The Stele of Khafra
Classic Version - Stone
The Stele of Khafra
Gold painted version
EXTRA translation
BOTH Stone and
Gold Package
Set of Five Tablets
Gold Version

We currently have several different options for with our Stele of Khafra:

The Stele of Khafra Classic Stone Version - With this package you will receive the tablet with a stone/clay appearance, five research sheets for translating the tablet and a quick quide to use the tablet itself. Additionally, this version has the hidden clue INSIDE the tablet should you have your adventurers break it open.

The Stele of Khafra Gold Version - This package includes everything the stone version does with the exception that it is painted with a gold finish rather than stone PLUS this version does not include the hidden clue inside the tablet.

Extra Translation Research - This is handy should you want several teams a chance to translate a single tablet. For example you could have the tablet stationed at a certain location of the treasure hunt. Teams can be collecting the research along the way then be able to translate the tablet once they have all of the research. In this way you will not have to order additional tablets just to get enough research for each team/person participating.

Stele of Khafra Duo - This package includes the everything in the stone version PLUS an additional tablet painted gold. This is perfect for setting up the story that the clay tablet was created to lead the way to the gold tablet!

Set of Five Gold Tablets - Often times you'll want treasures and/or keepsakes for the participants in your treasure hunt. This set of five gold painted tablets (no research included with these) are sold at a discounted price so that the participants or the winning team can all leave your adventure with something to take home!


Click HERE to order the Gold Stele of Khafra!