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Werewolf Hunt Party Adventure

Send your party guests INSIDE a VAMPIRE movie! A MUST GET PARTY ADVENTURE!!!

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Halloween Treasure Hunts for Prereaders

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Halloween parties are great fun to attend...but in today's busy schedule, planning them can quickly get overwhelming. For those planning Halloween parties this year, we understand the struggle of wanting to organize something fun and creative for your guests without personally feeling overwhelmed in the process. We have a wide range of Halloween party ideas, games and even full adventures such as the actual hunting down of werewolves and the search for LIVE ghosts for you to choose from so that this year's Halloween party is amazing!

Our Halloween Vault is just one of the files in the 10 download series and, as with all of the Halloween games and adventures we offer, can be downloaded a la carte. This incredible e-book has compiled OVER 170 unique and creative Halloween party ideas (on over 65 pages) to make your Halloween themed party FANTASTIC (whether you're planning a Halloween party for adults or a Halloween party for kids) - and delivered right to your emailbox! From the simple to the elaborate - but all creative! Compiled by a professional themed treasure/scavenger hunt event designer with over 20 years experience in designing themed parties and events!

The Topics

Fantastic Halloween Parties
Halloween Games For Adults!
Fun Kid's Halloween Games
Halloween Decorating for Parties
Fun Halloween Food for Parties
Halloween Sound
Haunted House Ideas
Creating Graveyards Ideas
Halloween Theming to The Mummy
Halloween Theming to Vampires

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This creative e-book is all meat & no fluff or fillers.

OVER 60 PAGES (over 150 ideas!) of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative Halloween party ideas!

THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else - ALL TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS!

Example: (found on a party website when searching the net for ideas)

"Make a dungeon"

Example: (#1 in the Halloween Decorations & Atmosphere section of The Ultimate Halloween Party Ideas Guide)

"There's a Dungeon in My Hallway!

Have a hallway of closed doors (i.e. bedrooms leading to the bathroom, or storage rooms not being used)? This is really neat. Buy some white PVC piping at your local discount home supply store. Have them cut the piping (or do it yourself) tall enough to fit INSIDE the door jams when the doors are closed (about 4-5 for each door.) Spray paint the pipes a flat black. For an added touch, use some acrylic paint (rusts, beiges, browns) and smear it across the pipes to age them. Prop these poles up in the door jams and VOILA! You have a dungeon! For a touch that will have everyone talking, in a couple of the rooms, have continuous tapes playing by the door of voices from the prisoners. They could be moaning from pain, calling for help, praying for deliverance, or merely trying to grab the attention of those walking -by begging to be released. HINT: You don't need hours of original dialogue for this, only about a minute or two…then duplicate the segment over and over. If you are especially clever, you can write a short script that would end up where it began so that your cuts are seamless."

We make sure that you have the information you need to execute the idea to its fullest!

Night of the Ghosts - HAUNT your party!

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