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50s Theme Party Ideas

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Surfing the web for 50's theme party ideas for your next 50's Sock Hop or 50th birthday party? Already have ideas for your 50s party but looking for some ORIGINAL ones? SEARCH NO FURTHER! This incredible e-book has compiled OVER 30 pages of creative 50's party ideas to make your 50's themed party or event FANTASTIC!

This download includes ALL of the following:

50's Party Decorations & Atmosphere Ideas
50's Party Invitation Ideas
50's Party Food Ideas
Kid's 50's Party Games and Activities Ideas
Adult 50's Party Game and Activities Ideas

PLUS!!! - SIX, ready to print 50's themed party game sheets!!! Perfect for those filler activities!!! Test your guests on their knowledge of 50's music, TV shows and movies. They'll have a great time putting well known 50's songs in chronological order, guessing 50's TV shows based on the characters and MORE!
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As an added bonus, we've ALSO included a short supplement for 50th birthdays and wedding anniveraries!


Searching online for ideas can take hours...and typically the ideas are either overused or incomplete. Below is an example found on party website when searching the net for ideas...

"Put music notes on the walls"

Example: (#8 in the Decorations & Atmosphere section of The Ultimate 50's Theme Party)

8. Teacher supply stores are great places to get supplies for homemade party decorations. You can purchase very inexpensively a pack of single colored construction paper. Unless your party colors dictate otherwise, buy a pack of all black construction paper. From used manilla file folders, cut out a few stencils of music notes. For a variety of shapes, check out some sheet music (libraries, friends, online, churches, etc.) for a variety of notes and symbols. Once you have a few, invite some friends over to help trace and cut out a ton of notes to hang just about anywhere (the walls, from the ceiling, etc.) This is also a fun activity that the kids get in on! If you want to get a little more ambitious, get your hands on a skein of black yarn and create a five line music staff on which to put the notes. When spacing the lines, keep in mind the size of your notes so that they are somewhat proportional. Also, remember that the music staff doesn't have to be straight across like on a page of music - you can have it zigzag, flow musically in circles or in whatever direction your creativity takes you! A finishing touch would be to make a large jukebox as a focal point for the musical notes to come from. This can be made from poster board, a couple boxes stacked on top of each other (covered with butcher paper this looks REALLY great) or just butcher paper. If you have a tall ceiling, you can make a HUGE one from butcher paper (once again, found at teacher supply stores) by hanging several sheets next to each other. With such a single large decoration (with the notes then flowing out of it) you'd need very little else to decorate your party and your guests will be incredibly impressed!

Imagine almost 100 MORE just like this!!!

THIS IS NOT A REHASH OF SCATTERED IDEAS FOUND ON THE INTERNET!!! Although some ideas might be familiar (which is inevitable), a conscious effort has been made to provide unique ideas - ones you would probably not find ANYWHERE else - many originated by the author himself - ALL TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS!

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"We had an unbelievable response to the ideas we used from the 50's themed event. It was for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and since they were married in the 50's, thought that would be a different way to celebrate. It was a huge hit. People dressed up and really got into the theme. The record bowls, 50 trinkets on the tables, music ideas were all super. It would have never happened had your ideas not been a part of our celebration." Patti S.

"I purchased the Ultimate 50s Theme Party that included the 50s Treasure Hunt for my son's 5th grade Valentine's Day party at school…everyone including the parents had a blast! I have been wanting to do a treasure hunt party but was intimidated by making up my own puzzles or clues. I was thrilled to find this site. I am now the Queen of school parties. I can't wait to try the Halloween themed hunts!" Anne

"I just received both of the 50s party downloads and the treasure hunt - they both look like they are going to be a great resource!" - Janet


Lay out all of the Bingo cards on a large table (or series of tables with a clear circular path) and position all players around the table(s) such that each player is in front of one card. When it's time to play, start playing some great 1950's music and allow your guests to walk in a continuous circle around the table(s). When the music stops, every player stops in front of the Bingo card they're closest to. Call out a space the way you normally would in a Bingo game. Then start the music again and have your guests walk (or dance) around the circle again. Once again, when the music stops, each player must stand next to the nearest Bingo card waiting for the next space to be called. It's not enough to get BINGO in this must be standing in front of the winning card when it wins!!!

Monthly Special
1950's Themed Bingo Set

"I've never been disappointed by anything you've sent. Joe, I can tell you're creative and brilliant, and all your products have been fabulous. Thanks for your passion" Laura W.

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Amazing 50s Theme Party Decorations from Shindigz - What Are You Celebrating

Set The Stage Fifties Party Kit Ultimate Kit
  Think ahead for photo opportunities. Your guests will have such a great time walking around in costume that they will want to remember your party in a special way. Even if you don't have much in the way of decorations, plan on ONE spot that is extra decorated (perhaps a specific corner of the room.) This would be a great place to put a personalize banner or some cool standees (see image to the left for ideas on items to include in your photo opp.) If you set your photo opp near the front door when your guests arrive, they'll also get a great 'pop' when they arrive!

Set The Stage Fifties Party Kit Ultimate Kit
50s Stand In
1950's Drive In Sign
Convertible Car Standee
Personalized 1950's Car Standup
Adult Poodle Skirt Black
Plastic Musical Notes Pkg
50s Cruisin' Personalized Banner 36
At The Hop Record Column
Car Hop Standee
At The Hop Giant 3d Records
Sock Hop Metal Centerpiece Black
Sock Hop Memories Banner 24
Fifties Diner Kit
Fifties Swag Bag Basic
Fifties Float Candle
Fifties Dancing Couple Standee
Giant Fifties Jukebox Standee
Personalized Fifties Record Wall Graphic
Rockin' Personalized Banner 30
Rockin Fifties Personalized Banner 24
Fifties Car Personalized Banner 24

Amazing 50s Theme Party Decorations from Birthday In A Box

1950's Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

Charlie Parker Quintet 1953 Reproduction Concert Poster
Little Richard Reproduction Concert Poster
Miles Davis Quintet 1957 Reproduction Concert Poster
Chet Baker 1955 Reproduction Concert Poster
Marilyn Monroe Photo by Philippe Halsman Poster



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