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Getting Started...

New to our site? In a nutshell we offer resources for setting up treasure hunts that are elaborate enough to seem like a real adventure. Think National Treasure meets Indiana Jones. Through the use of props and exciting storylines, you can turn a simple hunt into a memorable experience for your friends, family and classroom.

Although we aim to offer resources for those that are excited to create large scale adventures, we understand that many are simply looking for 'bits and bobs' to help enhance a treasure hunt they are already creating. Feel free to peruse all that we offer. We're sure that you'll find something you're looking for!

We have a variety of resources available to build the kind of adventure you're looking to build. For those looking for simpler solutions, we have treasure hunt puzzles packages that can be downloaded and used to create a treasure hunt that's beyond the rhyming clue to rhyming clue.

However, the bulk of our resources are geared around building an actual ADVENTURE for someone to experience...something that FEELS REAL! Along these lines we offer adventure props, storylines, formats and materials to download. Most of the digital resources are free to download and peruse. Our selection may be limited at the moment, however we are ever increasing our inventory so visit us often!

We have two different ways to search our resources. The first is by theme. This is when you already know the theme that you want to work with (i.e. Egyptian archeology, spy, pirate treasure hunting, etc.) The second is by product. This is when you are looking for a specific resource (i.e. adventure props, treasure hunt puzzles, possible storylines, adventure formats, etc.)

Ready to get started? Download our FREE Building A Quest tutorial and see how to start creating your adventure. Also included in this download is a FREE adventure that you can use! Click HERE to go to the download page.

















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